What are we all about ????

Quite simply we are a taxi service lucky enough to operate in Angus. We are aware that there are good taxi companies in the area, which offer strong consistant services, however we at Wee G feel we can offer some new  services which would work along side and compliment existing businesses.


The Wee G

This derives from the local name for a person who hails from the city of Glasgow, Scotland, who are known to the rest of the world as Glaswegian. The Weegies are renound for their warmth, friendliness, sense of humour, and, of course, the banter or patter..

Some useful phrases for your weegie driver: -


"When are ye aff?"    - What time do you finish?

"Stuffed bud??"         - Have you been busy tonight?

"Hame I'm nuggets" - Please take me to my home address, I've had too much alcohol.

"Got the munchies"  - Please take me to the nearest kebab shop.

"Right, the jiggin"      - Please take me to the night club.